i-LIGHT® Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System 3.5 5 69 69
Hairless and happy! I love my i-Light! I wish I had found it sooner. I have completed my three sessions. I have no more underarm or bikini line hair! I do have a little leg hair still but I believe that is because I was not careful to follow a nice grid pattern my first two sessions. No big deal. I will just do another session in a couple weeks. I have suggested this to so many people. I say do it sooner than later! Follow the directions, be careful to do a nice tight grid pattern and have that extra bulb handy. Some people complained about the bulb not lasting. I didn't count but my first bulb lasted 2 1/2 sessions. My thinking is if the bulb doesn't last as long it's still MUST cheaper than a session in a professional salon! April 4, 2014
Save your money I have been using this product since the beginning of December 2013. I use it every two weeks and have seen no difference. Another downfall of this product is the fact that the "treatment" window is so ridiculously small and there is no way to tell what area you have treated. All you can do is hope you moved it far enough, but not too far for the next "zap". For the money you will spend on the item itself not to mention the replacement cartridges you could have it done professionally with the desired results. March 31, 2014
Didn't do what it was suppose to! I have already put it into the mail for a full refund. I used it 3 times. Hair is still growing back none is gone..... Disappointed! March 26, 2014
fan stopped working in under two years I like the machine, really the idea of the machine. The bulbs burn out very quickly, but in my case it may have something to do with a faulty fan. In my opinion a fan should not burn out in under two years on a reasonably expensive product not used more than 30 minutes a session, every other week with weeks off at a time. In two years I have gone through ten bulbs and I am not a Sasquatch. March 22, 2014
Does not perform as indicated. My 34 year old daughter was born with severe cerebral palsy and is now an incontinent quadriplegic who depends on others to meet all her needs. She is given a bath every other day and has her underarms, legs, and bikini area all shaved during bath time. Her mother is her primary caregiver and hoped that your product would alleviate the need for shaving. We were going to order another product off the internet, but saw it compared to your product and opted to purchase from you instead. We read the reviews and saw that most recommended the need to purchase an extra replacement cartridge since the first cartridge would not supply the desired effect. We are currently on the second cartridge we purchased, and are extremely disappointed with the results of the need to continue shaving. My wife spends an extra 50- 60 minutes each time she uses your product on our daughter. Your product was supposed to make her life easier! We are debating about ordering another replacement cartridge by wondering if we would just be throwing good money after bad! We've always trusted Remington products in the past, but you let us down with this product! March 22, 2014
Poor lifespan for bulb I bought this for my wife and on her third week the bulb burnt out. She was using mid range on the power but still burnt. Remington customer service sent out a replacement bulb very fast! Again usin on medium power the bulb burnt on her third week of use. At $25 a bulb this will not work long. Something seem wrong on this end. Other than that, I would be able to say my wife is satisfied. At this point we are looking into other systems to see if there is a better product out there!! March 6, 2014
Good I'm still at the beginning of treatment, I can not describe precisely, but I'm really enjoying recommend. Only, I believe that the bulb could last longer. March 5, 2014
good but not great Does a great job removing the hair if you can get the little head in the exact same spots everywhere both times that you laser (two weeks apart), but that is very hard to do since you can't really see the exact placement of the light so you end up with a lot of stragglers. Also wish you could laser the entire bikini area. March 2, 2014
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