i-LIGHT® Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System 3.5 5 81 81
Just an Honest Review I purchased my ilight at a box store, basically a used product although mine wasn't. I have completed 2 sessions. My bulb has lasted thru both, legs and bikini, plus a friend's legs once. So no problems with the bulb at all. I give it a good on value on the bulb price alone which definitely could be lower. I have noticed that after session 1 my bikini hair has been greatly reduced and grows back much slower.My leg hair was not as reduced but grows back incrediably slow. Overall, it is not a painful process, just uncomfortable. I just completed session 2 yesterday and it was not as bad but knowing what to expect helps. From someone who shaves all areas daily, this product has freed me of that and freed up my time. Yes you have to take a couple of hours to do a session, but you can plan out that time. You aren't rushed in a shower at 6am trying to get ready for work. This product, so far, has kept its promises. I am enjoying the results and will update my review in 2 weeks after seeing results of the 2nd session. January 11, 2015
Amazing customer service My ilight pro broke after several months of usage, however since it was a gift it was more then a year old. I called the company, received great customer service phone call, promptly got a pre paid shipping label in the mail and sent my machine back. Within two weeks they sent me a new one. I am really pleased with this company. Although the machine broke they replaced it and simplified the whole process. What a great company who truly supports the products they make. Extremely satisfied customer November 17, 2014
Unhappy See my review for the cartridge but basically the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System did not work for me. Id be willing to try the P as a good try for it but am unsatisfied so far. August 26, 2014
Remington Customer Service I light pro has worked well for about three cartridges, and something malfunctioned. Initially, I had some trouble getting the product back to customer service, but it was resolved in time. They sent me a new unit to use, and I am very satisfied with their warranty and customer service. If you are going to purchase the i-light, I recommend the warranty. August 22, 2014
Disappointing- Don't waste your money I carefully used this product for approximately 7 times. Not only didn't I get any good result but also the product broke. It seems like the fan stopped working and the machine doesn't start. Totally disappointed for the money I paid. You'd better save some more money and go to a professional saloon, July 12, 2014
Best laser at home product. Just need a new light Great in price and fullfilling it's duties. I must order anew light July 9, 2014
Very dissapointed DO NOT expect the same outcome as you would have in a salon. It wont happen!! It's almost a toy. Maybe they thought there would be too many safety issues but for the time it takes ( you need a huge amount of patience) it's not worth it. I got more accomplished with an epilator. The area of the flash is so small, it only works on 2 or so hairs at a time. And forget 6 months.( I think that's if the hairs are dormant).Unlike a real laser salon, the hair comes back and all that patience is wasted. I did my legs, under arms, and bikini several times, buying new bulbs in what it seemed like every other session. After several months and seeing very, very little results, (I took pictures of the before and after each session), I went back to my previous regime. June 27, 2014
works great when done right, now i need to order a new light! i believe this laser removall system is a great investment, and it allows you to remove unwanted bodily hairs in the privacy of your own home, without haiving to pay more than $200/per session at the laser spa....i currently do both, but for different arars of my body. better than WAXING! June 2, 2014
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