Is IPL For Me?

Is i-LIGHT Pro Right for You?

The i-LIGHT Pro is designed for both women and men who want the freedom of professional hair removal at home. Watch the video to the right to determine your skin type and decide if the i-LIGHT Pro system is right for you.

What is Your Skin Type?

To determine if your skin type is suitable to use with i-LIGHT Pro, refer to this Skin Tone Chart. Test skin color in each intended treatment area – different areas can have different skin tones.

Skin Tone Chart 
As colors on monitors vary, reference the Skin Tone Chart on your packaging or in your Use & Care Guide.

What is Your Hair Color?

Since light energy works by targeting melanin, or dark coloring in hair, the i-LIGHT Pro works best on naturally black or brown hair. Do not use i-LIGHT Pro on white or gray hair because it will not work.  IPL is less effective on lighter colors, such as blond or red hair.

What Body Parts is i-LIGHT Pro Right for?

Intended for use by women and men on body hair below the neck, including:

  • legs
  • underarms
  • bikini line / groin area
  • chest
  • stomach
  • arms

It has NOT been cleared in the U.S. for use on the face, head, ears, or neck.  Using light-based devices intended for body hair is NOT recommended above the neck, as facial hairs have a greater density & follicle depth and require a specially-calibrated device.

Find out if the i-LIGHT Pro is right for your skin type




 Is IPL For Me